How to Reconnect with Your Inner Goddess (and light your fire 🔥) 90-day transformational programme

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Do you want to get yourself out of your JOYLESS funk?

If you've landed here, you REALLY, REALLY, do. You know you're on this planet to MAKE WAVES 🌊, not ride them. But you have no clue how or where to even begin. 

You're so over Netflix marathons, following people on Insta that make you feel worse, toxic friendships, constant complaining, blaming the whole world for your current state, overthinking EVERYTHING! And suffering from analysis paralysis.

That's exhausting, isn't it? And what's worse you get creatively blocked, you feel like you have no sense of purpose and you can't express yourself authentically.

I was there too. It sucks. I'd come home and cry as my life seemed OK, but I knew somewhere - I was selling myself short.

I was feeling lost. My life was lacklustre, monotony got to me, I'd lost my JOY and my INNER POWER was non-existent. 

It has taken me over three years to get over my joyless funk, I've experimented, failed, read, practised yoga, meditation, kundalini yoga, chakra work, somatic practices, playfulness, paid thousands for mentors and coaches - you name it I've done it.

And here's what my life looks like today:

⚡️An explosion of creativity

⚡️Reconnecting with my life's purpose

⚡️Expressing my thoughts without fear 

⚡️Creating a steady income from my passions

⚡️And living a more POWERFUL, JOYFUL and meaningful life


Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up every day excited about your life?

Now you can. 

With my RECONNECT WITH YOUR INNER GODDESS (and light your fire 🔥) 90-day transformational programme. 

Here's what's included:

🔥 6 x group guidance and mentoring zoom calls (60-90min)

🔥 Specialist LIVE masterclasses from carefully selected experts and beloved Goddesses, including money mindset, Kundalini yoga and drumming shamanic journeying.

🔥 Whatsapp GODDESS community – a safe, supportive, nurturing group of like-hearted women. Together we are more powerful. 

🔥 Access to me between sessions (Mon, Wed, Fri) for you to voice note/ text for guidance on anything that arises

🔥 The GODDESS workbook that allows you to step into your goddess power and joy every day

🔥 The VISION BOARD workbook to support you in visualising the creative life you desire

🔥 One indigenous ritual to learn and use to re-align with your inner power

PLUS JOIN TODAY and receive for FREE

CREATE with YOUR CYCLE masterclass with Lisa Lister (author of Witch, Code Red and Your Lady Landscape)

Learn about the power of your bleed. How to align with each phase of your cycle (even if you’re not regular, or you no longer bleed) to ensure you are using the hormonal changes in your body to create with flow rather than swim agains the current. Discover which phases are better for releasing your creative project, and which ones are better for deep work and going within. VALUE £300

FREE GODDESS ROBE of your choice

By far the most popular piece of my fashion collection, the Goddess Robe. Transformation happens inside but you also get to feel it outside when you prance around the world with this beauty. You get to dress the part and choose your favourite design from the iconic Viva La Vulva print to the Geometric Power print in various colours. VALUE £189

Are you ready to make WAVES??? 


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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the dates?

Opening Ceremony: 20th April at 8pm (GMT)

Start Date: 29th of April

End Date: 8th of July

Closing Ceremony:  13th July


Our first official zoom session starts on the Thursday 29th of April at 8pm UK time and then every other Thursday until our last session on Thursday 8th of July at 8pm UK time. 

Please note specialist masterclasses - Shamanic Drumming Journeying session, Kundalini Yoga and Money Mindset for Creatives dates are TBC but will also take place on a Thursday at 8pm (UK time)

Do I have to attend all sessions live?

All sessions are recorded and I will send the recording shortly after they take place. The work is more powerful with the presence of every woman in the tribe, but it is possible for you to do at your own time too.

What if I don't have Whatsapp?

We will create our intimate group of Goddesses in whatever group app we all have available. This could also be Facebook Messenger. 

What is the group for? And is it private?

The group is 100% private and safe space for all us to discuss things that come up during our time together. Once the course ends the group will be deleted as I have a duty of care for each one of you. 

Are the tasks very time-consuming?

This is up to you. I recommend allocating about one to two hours a week (ouside of the mentoring/ guidance calls and specialist masterclasses) to dedicate to your inner Goddess work and your creative practice.

Do I have lifetime access to materials and recordings?

Yes, as I say, this is Lifework! 

What if there are delicate things that come up?

No doubt this will happen. It's part of the journey. I am trauma-informed and if something comes up that is beyond my scope I will contact you directly and will guide and refer you accordingly.


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