From Netflix n' Chill to Wonder Woman Vibes in 60 minutes

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Are you looking to add a thunder of magic ⚡️
in your life?

You're here because you've had glimpses of what more joy
and more power can do in your life.

Maybe you've experienced it yourself, and you're wondering how can I
get more of THAT FEELING?

Maybe you've seen it around in other people, and wonder how do they do it? 

Or maybe you just need a little kick up the a** to jolt you out of your
'Netflix n' Chill' state into WONDER WOMAN vibes!


Wouldn't it be amazing to wake up every day excited about your life?


With my 60-minute makeover masterclass:
From Netflix n' Chill to WONDER WOMAN

What is it?

🔥A 60 minute live masterclass via Zoom. Recorded and forever yours to keep and watch whenever you need it!

🔥The thunder magic workbook to write & create your own 10 thunder jolting magic agreements

🔥 BONUS: A Limited Edition VIVA LA VULVA organic cotton t-shirt (worth £45)

🔥Class is in session September 2020. I'll email you final details.

What you'll learn:

⚡️The 10 Agreements - why they matter, how to create your own and how to adhere to them like your life depended on them!

⚡️A workbook for you to explore your challenges, with one ritual and 30-day monthly challenge, calendar to get you out of your funk in an instant! Including, WHY DOODLES MATTER!

⚡️How to tap into your inner power when you need it the most. For an important meeting at work or your business, parenting and your creative endeavours.

Are you ready to to take the first step?

Click on ADD TO CART button above. Pay in 3 instalments when accepted by KLARNA. No fees, no interest rates.

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