Xmas Party CONNECT to your Creative Soul


Are you living your full creative potential or are you still holding back?

You've landed here because deep inside of you, there is a creative calling

You know the world needs more of what you have to offer...

You want to connect even deeper to your creative intuition  

Maybe you've dipped your toe into your creativity waters, but you're still scared to go all in. Or you get creatively blocked. Sound familiar?

Or maybe, you're still unsure what IS your calling.

It's time you find out and answer it!

Wouldn't it be amazing to live the creative life you want?


With our 60-minute Xmas Dance Party to CONNECT to your Creative Soul

And get your creativity flowing and ready for 2021

Xmas Dance Party to Connect to Your Creative Soul
Wednesday 9th of December at 8pm (UK time)
Celebrate 2020, wear your sequins and let’s set some 2021 intentions!

What is it?

🔥A 60-minute live masterclass via Zoom. Recorded and forever yours to keep and watch whenever you need it!

🔥A carefully curated playlist of bangin' tunes to take you through an orgasmic wave of emotions 

🔥 Time to chat, bond and connect with fellow Goddesses and their creative wishes

🔥Learn a few moves from the pro's (not really, we're not pros we just love to move) and we know how to get you into your creative dance flow!

What you'll learn:
⚡️Why movement is key in getting your creativity to flow and how to feel unstuck
⚡️How to celebrate, release (all the icky stuff from 2020) and set new intentions for 2021

⚡️Some moves that are easy to follow, this is not a dance class! And there is no choreographed stuff. We're talking intuition here

⚡️Dance and move in a way that will bring more joy and happiness. Guaranteed.

⚡️Move in a way that feels good to you. Only want to move your hands? That's great!
Want to go full Beyonce? Go for it! 


What you'll need:

👯‍♀️ A space to dance freely in

👯‍♀️Your computer (we encourage you to have your camera on, but it's OK if you're not there yet)

👯‍♀️Your intention to MOVE. 

How much?


BONUS: A PDF file to reflect, celebrate and set intentions for what you want to create in 2021. One when you sign up and the other after the party.

Get these dates down in your diary!

Wednesday 9th of December at 8pm (UK time)

Are you ready to take the first step and
connect to your creativity?

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