Unleash your Inner Creatrix - The Plan

The 90-day creative programme goes like this:

Start Date: 20th of Oct 2020

End Date: 16th of Dec 2020

Touch base session: 6th of Jan 2021

SIGN UP here to the 90-day programme.

Month 1: August

⚡️Zoom Session #1 | 13th Aug | 8pm UK time

The 10 Agreements: Your Word To Yourself Matters

You will have received the 10 Agreements of Joyful Women when you signed up. Today you will create your own set of agreements. I will provide you with a template to fill out. We will close the evening with a ritual, set intentions and AGREE with yourself that you will do the work throughout the programme. No excuses.

⚡️Zoom Session #2 | 27th Aug | 8pm UK time

Create the life you desire: Vision Board

We'll kick off with an opening ritual to get you into the headspace you need to visualise your life with the guidance of your inner wisdom. Creating a visual board is a powerful way to see - physically - what your soul desires.

Materials: Scissors, Paper, Glue, Magazines (any will do - your inner desires come out even if you only have B2B catalogues!)

Month 2: September

⚡️Zoom Session #3 | 10th Sept | 8pm UK time

Nourish the Mind, Nourish Your Soul - Let's take Action!

In between sessions we will have discussed what came about on your vision board and you will choose one aspect to take action on. In this session we will discuss what taking action looks like for you and what resources you need to support you in taking this important step into living a life IN YOUR POWER.

⚡️Zoom Session #4 | 24th Sept | 8pm UK time

The Goddess Treatment

When you go in this journey you'll need to be looking after yourself more than ever. It's the Goddess way! We will discuss and implement some ways Goddesses love themselves (all that it entails!)

Month 3: October

⚡️Zoom Session #5 | 8th Oct | 8pm - 10pmUK time

Let's get 'Woo Woo' - Serpent Energy

In this session we get into our bodies. We re-awaken the sleeping energy that is coiled within the base of your spine, also known as Kundalini. In a way, it is like a cable with a plug point that might not have found its energy socket. Through gentle and powerful body movement and breath work your internal body energy starts to shift, this is the source of creativity and might leave you feeling elated for a few days. We will practice grounding techniques too, as these are important to bring us back to Earth. 

⚡️Zoom Session #6 | 22nd Oct | 8pm UK time

Together We're Stronger - Inner Goddess Circle of Gratitude

Our final session together is to celebrate! It's an open forum to support one another in our journey together over the last 90 days. Closing ritual and next steps to keep the Inner Goddess connection alive and thriving henceforth!