Tribe & Community


Life as a loner is no fun. Don't get me wrong I like moments of solitude, but the process of creation, for me, would be nothing if it cannot impact the world outside of my own. I'm originally from El Salvador and descendant of the MAYA indigenous tribe that ruled Central America before the Spanish colonisation. My patterns, my textiles and my mark making have an inherent tribal spirit to them. I believe it's the Mayan goddess within making her mark in the world.

And as such, it is my purpose to create tribe and community today. CARO GOMEZ is brought to life by Latin American hands. Women that come to London looking for a better life, perhaps following a dream. There is so much talent in that is wasted as these women cannot integrate into British society easily because of the language. I offer them London living wages (£10.50/ hr), lunch and sometimes we dance. Without them CARO GOMEZ would struggle to exist. 

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Not only that, this circle of women would not be complete without thinking of future generations. Recently, through my work with LAWA, a London based charity that runs the only two refuges in Europe by and for Latin American women and children fleeing gender-based violence, I had the opportunity to nurture young Latin American women. We created a textile painting workshop in their local school, this wasn't so much about the textiles, but more to do with knowing there is a creative soul inside. Building their confidence and knowledge that they can do everything they so desire in life.

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