My Story

{My Story}
Now this one was really hard to pen. Or rather type. I hadn't really thought about it much because believe it or not it was still a little painful. Now, I can see that everything that happened was EXACTLY what needed to happen.

Have you ever thought “I shouldn’t be wearing this, I’m a mum and I’m not a 20-something anymore” or how about “they won’t take me seriously if I wear this?”

Or my favourite “I wish I was more creative.”

Those are all too familiar to me.

10 years ago, there was no way I would’ve admitted to you or myself how much I craved to be a creative artist.

Not like a painter, but just someone who creates.

Someone that dares to make something from nothing.

I was frustrated, I felt like someone had put a lock on my creative soul.

I was in a constant state of powerlessness, and the decisions I made in my life for my family all came from FEAR.

But last year something changed.

One night, whilst mindlessly scrolling through Netflix, I realised I was lonely.

I’d abandoned the little girl in me that dreamed of creating POWERFUL clothes.

I closed my laptop, grabbed a pair of scissors, and old bed sheet and some of my daughter’s paints.

I lost myself in three hours of blissful joy. In three hours I’d created my first piece of clothing in 10 years! 

It was badly cut, the paint went everywhere, it had half a pocket, no hem and it was really tight on my neck, it was awful!  (see the image below you'll see what I mean!)

BUT when I tried it on…BOOM! It was magic.

I styled it and took photos so I could remember what regaining my POWER felt like.

And now it’s your turn.

If you’ve read up to here, your creative bones are trembling and you’re feeling a rush in your body.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Allow yourself 20 minutes a day to do something you love to do.

2. Create a vision board with 5-6 images that you’re really attracted by.

3. Bring to mind a piece of clothing that makes you smile just thinking about it.

4. Drown that voice that says “no I can’t” by playing your favourite songs very loud and dancing like no one’s watching!

These really work, they start shifting your power and joy in an instant. They get your creative juices flowing, but you want to know what’s the major shift?


A tool of self-expression that allows you to speak without uttering a single word.

Are you ready to wear your power?

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