CARO GOMEZ awakens and connects you to your divine feminine power through an affinity with ancestral wisdom - or what she calls BIG BUSH ENERGY.  She's a modern day shaman and queen of vulva fashion and ceremonial gowns. Her transformational tools of choice stem from her native Mayan lineage, these include shamanic practices, somatic experiencing, ceremonial clothes and spirit animal rituals.

She joyfully and intuitively guides you to access and unlock your deepest creative desires and make waves in the world (instead of riding them).

Past clients have referred to her as a “a neon wearing spiritual weaver of magical energy and dance that can see your creative gifts even before you can see your own!”.

All her pieces are designed and made in London by Latin American hands and celebrated through ancestral rituals and ceremonies. Caro Gomez the label - embraces your cyclical changing body and allows you to move with joy and ease. Each piece makes you feel like a Goddess, so when you walk out your door you embrace YOU. Powerful prints, embroidery and offcuts created from Vulva doodles make each piece a work of art.

She was awarded "Ones to Watch" title by the Sustainable Lifestyle Awards and won Fashion Designer of the Year for the LUKAS 2019 awards, which recognise Latin American talent in the UK and the rest of Europe. Caro is a published author, regular podcast guest and panel speaker. Notably being a regular contributor at the University of the Arts London Creative Futures annual event.