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My life, of course, doesn’t depend on them. But my confidence, my sense of self and safety do.

For better or for worse I’m blessed (it took me many years to see it this way) with a derrière that could go to penalties with J-Lo’s famous behind.  My friends always pointed it out, and the men I dated did too. The man I married—called it "quality ass"—to my mum (and yes, the meat reference is not lost on me, let’s save that one for another day). And wearing jeans, leggings or anything that hugged my latin curves lead to too much-unwanted attention. Until I discovered the humble wide leg trouser. At the age of 15, I felt like a completely different person. I felt safe. And my confidence grew exponentially. That’s saying a lot for the hormonal infused years of teenagehood.

I understood then that it was thanks to my tush that every fold and stitch holding together this work of textile art, fit my curvaceous body like a glove. I’ve been obsessed with them ever since until I came across the wide leg jumpsuit. Another staple in my wardrobe.

Your choice of attire says everything about your attitude to life. And if a piece of clothing can help you strut your stuff in the streets of ________ (insert hometown, city, country or galaxy as needed) as you own them, then a healthy obsession with a particular type of garment is completely warranted and a necessity. 

What’s yours?

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