What do you do when you're feeling lost, confused, overwhelmed, (insert thing) and you don't know what your next step is?

Allocate intentional time to go deep into an internet rabbit hole of your ancestry.

That's exactly what I did, and what I found blew my mind.

When you're constantly creating, and you're a creative (we have ideas all the f*cking time) it's easy to loose sight of why you're doing what you're doing. If you know me, you know - I bang on about your WHY being your guiding light but it can get obscured by the clouds of our constant creative ideas. But there's a way around this - music + doodles. I played my favourite playlist and went deep into Mayan history and the history of colonisation of Abya Yala (known as Central and South America). As if by technological magic, my ancestors guided me towards this prophecy. When I read about it, what it stands for and what it means - I will admit - I teared up.

Here's why.

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This prophecy has been passed on orally from indigenous tribes from the Achuar peoples in Ecuador to Mexico and Central America, the prophecy of Condor and Eagle.

2000 years ago back in the times of human history, societies took two paths: the Eagle people flew the path of the mind of Science, technology and industry and the Condor people flew the path of the heart, passion, intuition and spiritual connection with nature.

For centuries these two would never meet and then in the fourth Pachacuti (a period of 500 years in the Mayan calendar) their paths would cross once again. The 1490s (when the Spanish arrived in the Americas) signalled the beginning of a 500-year period, the Eagle swept into Condor territory and almost wiped-out indigenous peoples but not quite.

Then 500 years later at the beginning of the 5th pachacuti (starting in 1990s), the opportunity arises for the Eagle and Condor to fly together, to mate and produce a new offspring: higher consciousness.

The interest in nature-based wisdom and shamanism among western societies is at all-time high, plant medicine, healing modalities, herbalism, drumming, a reconnection to Mother Earth and animistic beliefs are here to stay.

I welcome this interest.

In this world of self-censorship, cancel culture and broken voices from fear of vocalising “the wrong” thing – I stand for the blended middle – for the offspring of Condor and Eagle. I’m here to honour, serve, and be a custodian of a new way. I’ve already experienced backlash for my position in my community being called “a protector of the oppressor”, and yet HOPE keeps me going. Speaking to this notion of unity in the mixing of ideas, philosophies and cultural (dear I say it) appreciation. 

Decolonising ourselves cannot happen in the circus of shame and guilt, a common rhetoric in this space. How could the same thing that was done to us be the thing that saves us? 

I don’t buy it. 

In fact – it makes me angry.

We’ve all fucked up. Every single one of us. This doesn’t mean I’m letting you off. No way. But, there’s a better way…

Through Art. Through Creativity. Through Textiles. Through Adornment. Through Fashion. Through Dance.

Through Embodiment. 

It’s healing. And that’s available to EVERYONE that is open to receiving. 

Can we fly in the same sky?

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