There’s something in the air today. Yes, today is International Women’s Day, and the feminine energy around me is on high alert. I’m also feeling a little wobbly, l mean, sensitive. Have you felt it too?

I feel injected with a newfound sense and surge of confidence. I’m very good at pretending to be confident but today it's different. I actually AM. Inside. Maybe, the personal development podcasts, the work I’m doing with the amazing Jen, dancing most Tuesdays {check out my instagram, I promise to make you smile, maybe even dance!} and bringing my truth and fashion creations have something to do with it. Actually, I’m certain they do. 

close up neck piece handmade plastic neon

I’ve had this dress that maybe is a tad revealing, strapless and with an innocuous slit that allows my leg to take a peek into the outside world. It's the kind of dress I generally don't wear but it wanted to wear me. Under the studio lights, adorned with a handmade recycled tubing necklace with specks of neon and the letter 'C' resting on my crooked back, my inner goddess was born. 

back of dress with C necklace hanging

A friend and fellow wordsmith sent a message on our WhatsApp group last year {where we're all women bar him} and it read:

“My dear friends happy day to you all! The world needs more agents of change like you, but it is already a better place because you are all in it.”

I’m sure he won’t mind my attempt at a decent translation. But, my point is—are you being an agent of change? For me, it started with that dress. How are we being of service? What is your purpose? Mine is about being heard and being seen. Our voice matters, and to those that are unable to express themselves (because it can be scary as shit!)...Here, wear your power instead. Know you're held, know you're powerful and know, I can see your joy seeping through every pore.

It's been a year to the day since I created the vision for this PORTAL of POWER that happens to have some of the most personal work I've ever created. Hand-painted and embroidered works of art, full of POWER & JOY so that you—dear reader—are able to #wearyourpower too. 

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