I think art is not art if sits in an attic, and no one has the ability to experience the work. The exchange between the artist and the viewer is not complete unless it's exposed to the rest of the world. The same thing applies to craft, design or any other creative form of expression. IMO it's a two-way street.

craft with make up sponges

A bold statement, I know, but having these discussions during my uni years was standard practice and that’s something I never backed up from.

Fast forward 10 years and my pieces have finally seen the light of day. HURRAH. They’re currently being exhibited in one of my favourite places in London - Oliver’s Village Cafe - and they’re the perfect fit. And yes, these are actually make-up sponges.

dyed textiles

        craft with makeup spongescraft from make up sponges frame

I love using mundane, and unexpected materials to create something that would otherwise not exist. My passion for textiles, colour and inherent playfulness is reflected in the treatment of the make-up sponges. They’ve gone through more procedures than Dolly Parton. Cut, dyed, embossed, stitched and then pressed to create these joyful blasts of bombastic colour.

  craft with sponges green        craft with sponges green

craft with sponges green frame

They must be looked at carefully, as these pieces are textural and 3D in nature. I battled with whether* I should’ve put glass or not. Ultimately, I decided that longevity and protection were key. I’ve set a boundary which says “look but, you can’t touch”. That’s also a constant exploration of my work and my life to be fair. BOUNDARIES. 

craft with textiles red

What are you hiding in your attic?

*side note - ‘wether’ without the 'h' means castrated ram

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